Is Cloud Really As Good As It Gets?

Posted by Chris Ghiorzi on August 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Back in 1997, Jack Nicholson won the academy award for portraying misanthropic novelist Melvin Udall in the film As Good As It Gets. In it, Melvin suffers from all sorts of elaborate obsessive-compulsive behaviors like avoiding stepping on sidewalk cracks, eating breakfast at the exact same table in the exact same cafe every day, and bringing his own plastic ware to restaurants to avoid germs. As the movie progresses, he is ultimately forced to build relationships, first with a dog, then with his neighbor, and finally with a waitress named Carol with whom he ultimately falls in love (played by Helen Hunt, who also won an academy award that year for her performance). The film culminates with Melvin escorting Carol into a new pastry shop for breakfast and realizing that he had just stepped on a crack in the sidewalk and everything was still fine.

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