What the Type C is Going On Anyway?

Posted by Michael Kubba on July 6, 2017 at 11:14 AM
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This week's blog post was written by our Dell Client Expert, Michael Kubba. Be sure to catch him at the IPDS Tech Summit on Thursday, August 17th manning the IPDS Client Solutions table, and closing out our presentations before afternoon activities begin. 

Man, Oh Man, what a year for the PC, or should I say what a year for the PC and the ecosystem that surrounds it. New docking protocols, more form factors choices than ever, VDI making a HUGE come back, massive malware/ransomware attacks, Windows 10 mandatory upgrades nearing - I could go on and on...

With all the uncertainty in the market around how to navigate these different silos wrapped around managing a client environment. Who do you turn to?

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I am excited to tell you more about IPDS and how leveraging our long tenure, deep bench of engineers, and financial stability could be the perfect way to extend your team thru these tough times.

Founded in 2007, on the principle that a “partner” should be just that. Someone who shares risks, profit lines, and reputation striving to advance the enterprise through technology, together. Although we began as an EMC partner, with much success we have since made huge investments to ensure we are also the best partner around for Dell and EMC. Now that we are the Mid-Atlantic premier Dell Technologies partner, we are heavily invested in the success of our customers End User Computing environment.

In short, leveraging our tenure and engineering capabilities we will help take your EUC environment to the next level through assessments, education, proof of concepts, and implementation.

WE look forward to having this conversation with you and your team. Please visit the IPDS blog to keep up with our Tech Summit updates.

Procrastinators beware! Windows 8 and 8.1 end of support is January 2018.


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The IPDS Tech Summit is FREE to qualified registrants.

We will be having a silent auction at the IPDS Tech Summit in memory of Allen Thomas, a former IPDS employee who lost his battle with esophageal cancer on April 22nd, 2016.



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