IPDS Cloud Solutions augments your data center with flexible, cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings custom-designed for your specific needs. From flexible public-cloud solutions to dedicated enterprise-class platforms, IPDS Cloud Solutions can be your single source for off-premise infrastructure solutions.

Data Protection

In today’s data-hungry business environment, retaining a historical record of your digital information can quickly overwhelm your IT infrastructure and your staff. From laptops to enterprise data centers, IPDS Cloud Solutions offers a complete portfolio of off-site data protection solutions and retention models.

Disaster Recovery

Access to your critical business information in the event of infrastructure or site failure can mean the difference between "business as usual" and "out of business”. IPDS Cloud Solutions offers a complete portfolio of solutions that cover every Recovery Point (RPO) and Recovery Time (RTO) requirement utilizing a variety of technologies & designs.

Public Cloud Billing Consolidation

In addition to our own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, IPDS Cloud Solutions can be your single-source broker of all AWS account services.  This provides you with a consolidated, hierarchical view of all AWS accounts, including detailed usage metrics and cost metrics -- all while preserving your existing contract terms and cost points.

Cloud Storage

IPDS Cloud Solutions now offers S3-compliant Storage-as-a-Service that supports a variety of use cases, including:

  • Cloud backup targets
  • Third-platform & file-based applications
  • Isilon CloudPools
  • Cloud archiving for NAS storage gateways
  • EMC CloudArray block storage caching & expansion


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