Integrated Archiving for NetApp

You’ve trusted your most important corporate files to NetApp NAS platforms. These high-end platforms aren’t cheap, and the explosive growth of unstructured data can quickly drive storage costs through the roof.

If you’re like most organizations, up to 80% of the space on your NetApp platforms is occupied by big files that haven’t been touched in more than a year! Worse, a lot of your files – active or not – have no business being on your expensive corporate filers in the first place. So, you’re wasting all that money storing a bunch of inactive and unnecessary stuff on your expensive, high-end NetApp NAS platform. That's a big problem.

IPDS has the solution… Integrated Archiving for NetApp, featuring active stubbing, user-based quotas, and real-time file blocking and auditing.  We combine this powerful software suite with industry-leading archive storage and/or cloud storage services for a complete solution. 

The result? Smaller, leaner active file sets on your high-end NetApp platforms and the rest seamlessly connected to more cost-effective, centralized archive platforms and/or cloud services. Our solution can:

  • lower your overall NAS storage costs
  • reduce your NetApp storage growth rates
  • keep your critical files and directories safe

Skeptical?  Don’t take our word for it -- see for yourself. We’re offering a FREE assessment of your environment – up to 50TB. It takes just a few minutes to set up and less than a day to generate the results, which we know will be compelling. Check out this sample report to see what the assessment will show you!

What do you have to lose? Run the assessment. Know what you have. Understand your options.


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