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"We had an emergency involving issues with our critical systems accessing storage.  We called and worked with 3 different vendors all day and through the night and the problem wasn’t getting resolved.  We called in IPDS and they identified and resolved the problem in a couple hours.  Excellent service!"

- Ken McKenzie, SMECO

"IPDS' senior engineers have helped us make better decisions around technology acquistions. They tell us when we really need something, and they also tell us when something is, in their view, not the right solution. They are true customer advocates."

- KJ Stillabower, Clutch Group

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"We had an emergency that wasn’t evident right away after we had a server failure, which was eventually determined to be a corrupted virtual Exchange server caused by a server failure, and not having enough resources for the rest of the infrastructure to handle the load with remaining resources. The end result was an Exchange server that would not process mail, during business hours, and during one of our busier months. The boss and all other employees who rely upon their email to conduct daily business were in dire panic, as well as the IT Department. As it was determined that the only resolution would be a full system restore of the exchange, I had to contact my friends at IPDS to help in resolving my dire emergency to restore our Exchange server.

Between the coordinated efforts of Chris, Johnny and myself, and a lot of coffee, IPDS was able to restore my Exchange server to its previous working condition, allowing our company to get back to business.  Without their backup solution and top-notch engineers, the end result could have been a different story.  IPDS is always ready to provide top-notch service when it’s needed!"

- James Ike, Itility


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